Deep Web for Journalists

by Alan Pearce

DW4J-JLiving in such sensitive times, researchers need to know how to investigate complex subjects like terrorism and child abuse without setting off alarm bells.

Thanks largely to Edward Snowden, we should all know that everything we do in the digital world – every site we visit, every image or file we download, every email or message we send or receive – is logged on a computer somewhere.

Luckily, it is surprising easy to mask your identity and location when travelling the web and to ensure you leave no traces.

In my book Deep Web for Journalists available to you will learn how to avoid the attention of even the most sophisticated snoopers, how to transfer and store information securely, and how to avoid the many traps that lie in wait for today’s journalists and researchers.

The second half of the book is devoted to fine-tuning our search skills. Understanding how to interrogate any search engine is essential but knowing where to look is often more important.

If you find my book helpful, then please recommend it to a colleague or perhaps post a nice review somewhere.

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